About Us


We are an unmatched remote computer support and IT consultants company formed in August 1997. We specialise in on-line remote computer assistance and support by means of comprehensive needs assessment, state-of-the-art technology, highly-trained personnel as well as customised product and service delivery.

Meeting the needs of corporate & individual clients alike, Central Systems Alliance is the fastest growing remote computer support service provider in South Africa, boasting an extensive client base from medical professionals to law firms.

Based on the fact that no company using computers (IT-related products or services) can grow or survive, unless it unremittingly keeps pace with the rapidly increasing level of advancement and progression of new  developments and ideas in a vastly competitive market, our success, as well as the success of our clients, is not measured merely by the sheer amount of information that we process each day, or the size of our company. Rather, it is in whether we possess the ability to adapt rapidly enough to our ever-changing surroundings and strategy of the opposition, especially in the field of information technology and computers, to constantly turn a profit while giving our customers only the highest levels of service, integrity and commitment.

Infrastructure management including LAN and wireless networks, server installations, on-line backups and data disaster recovery to name but a few, all form part of our substantial range of products and services developed and designed to cater for a much wider spectrum of the industry, not only for corporate, but also the small business and personal home markets.

Having access to the latest technologies and specialised services in the field today at the most affordable prices enables us to provide our customers with only the highest levels of proficiency and service excellence, presenting them with a significant edge over their competitors.

Moreover, Central Systems Alliance also builds, supplies, upgrades and repairs complete systems, servers and peripheral components, offering expert advice and functional solutions on any IT-related issues you may have, or problems you may have encountered. Whether you need assistance on current or future developments, whether it is network trouble, e-mail set-ups, software conflicts, compatibility issues or a total system upgrade, do not wait. Call someone who is committed to personal care and attention, that understands time is the most expensive commodity; someone with integrity and a sense for inexpensive, cost-effective business.

…call Central Systems Alliance.