Our Services

Full Remote Support and Systems Maintenance

Full remote support to all users and systems maintenance

At Central Systems Alliance, we provide support for all ad-hoc, day-to-day queries from all of our clients. This involves a wide variety of services including handling issues with printers not printing, mapped drives not being accessible, problems with Microsoft Office, and email issues, among others.

There are a number of reasons why our clients have chosen us. First of all, our response turnaround time is between just five and ten minutes from when the call is logged, meaning that issues are rectified quickly. Further, there are no limits as to how many calls may be logged per month to the call centre. This means that, if you have a problem, you can count on us to help. In addition, we are able handle all scheduled maintenance on machines remotely so that work is disrupted as little as possible. Moreover, we inspect network problems, monitor all servers daily, maintain server updates, and monitor network performance to ensure that workflows operate optimally. Additionally, we also monitor daily backups to ensure up-to-date data is retained, should there be a loss of data from the live system, and a report is provided on these backups daily. Finally, we monitor virus activity in the network so that all users and systems remain safe.

Cloud & Hosting Services

Cloud & hosting services

Central Systems Alliance makes use of cloud servers that use the very latest and best technology and infrastructure that offer you all the benefits of physical server hosting at a fraction of the cost. One of the primary benefits of virtual/cloud hosting is scalability, so you can easily add resources like RAM or disk space which are available to use on your server within minutes. Our state-of-the-art hardware back-end ensures optimal performance and security across the board. Never worry again about speed of access to any of your servers, as we host all our servers on a high bandwidth data centre. Combined with industry-leading, automated backup software with lenient retention policies, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your server data safe again. We also offer physical server hosting. Whether you have your own server and would like us to host it at the data centre, or you wish us to provide a physical server instead of a virtual one, we can provide these services effortlessly.
Online Backups

Online backups

Central Systems Alliance excitedly presents online backups - the next generation in secure, off-site data storage applications. This state-of-the-art technology not only gives our users peace of mind, but it is also the safest, most reliable way of securing data.


  • Protect your critical data against unforeseen loss by using an off-site, secure facility
  • Completely automated interface with no user intervention eliminates human error.
  • Central Systems Alliance's backup uses the latest compression and encryption technology.
  • Users can restore all, or part, of their data quickly and efficiently 24-hours a day
  • Users have access to their secure backup from anywhere in the country
On-site Technical Support

Full on-site technical support

If calls can’t be rectified remotely, then an on-site technician will be dispatched to investigate and resolve the reported issues. Moreover, should a network installation be required, only hardware is charged; all labour is covered under the SLA, with the exception of weekends.
Office 365 Management

Office 365 management

Central Systems Alliance will setup, configure and maintain your entire Office 365-based domain. Furthermore, we will manage calendar sharing between accounts, as well as password and user policies. In addition, we will also set up and maintain a basic Share Point environment, and remember, maintenance is included under the SLA.
The Comprehensive Solution

The comprehensive solution

Central Systems Alliance is one of the very few IT companies that offers remote desktop, network, and software administration and maintenance for companies with permanent Internet connections, such as:
  1. ADSL lines
  2. Digi-net lines
  3. Wireless Internet
Central Systems Alliance can also provide permanent Internet connections as well as Linux firewalls for security and remote administration, and off-site backup features are also available if you require these.
System Analysis

System analysis

Our highly-trained consultants will analyse your entire infrastructure to determine what you require. After an assessment, a full report will be given on the training needs of your company’s staff. This includes reporting on and addressing issues and problems that have been identified by our analysts on hardware and software-related areas so that staff performance and production can be optimised.
Computer Sales

Computer sales

We are registered with the top suppliers in the country and this enables us to supply you with PCs, Notebooks, tablets and other hardware from the best brands in the world. We can also procure a wide range of software, whether it’s for corporate, educational, technical, office, or leisure purposes.


We specialise in:
  1. Shielded and Unshielded twisted pair
  2. Cat5 and Cat6 ethernet cabling
  3. Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks
  4. Full installation, setup, configuration and maintenance of the network


VPN over ADSL is another quality service that we’re excited to bring to you, and it saves you time and money through the application of remote support and isolated access.


  • You can connect to all of your branches over a broadband connection
  • You’ll cut costs on hardware and software by sharing one server between all of your branches almost anywhere in the country
  • There is a fixed monthly expenditure with no hidden costs
  • Receive indirect cost savings such as maintenance, staff, upgrades etc.
  • Receive direct costs savings by implementing remote support and maintenance
  • There is a low cost of ownership


  • An ADSL line and a Central Systems Alliance account at all of your sites. We then do the system installation and set-up.
  • On-site installation and configuration of new or upgraded systems
  • Disaster recoveries, data protection, complete data backup system and data security
  • Specialised backup contracts will be customised according to your current system and specific needs
Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

Central Systems Alliance offers the valuable service of hosting, maintaining and managing entire mailing lists. Whether you have 1000 users subscribed to a monthly newsletter or 10 000 users receiving a product promotion, look no further for a comprehensive mailing list solution.